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My healing practice started as a result of my own journey through some treacherous times. It is staggering how early childhood wounds can infiltrate so deeply and in so many ways. I had no sense of healthy boundaries; no sense of my voice and power; and I struggled greatly with addictions and depression. My relationship with the Divine was bizarre and distorted at best. The nicest people could be around me, but I had no concept of how to receive their love or that I was even worthy of love. So I always felt cold and dark inside. The misery I lived with paralyzed me and prevented me from showing up in the world as my best self. 


In a desperate attempt to stay alive, I began exploring different healingmodalities. Finally, I surrendered and something clicked. I entered what feels like a new life. I now feel whole and grateful most of the time, and I have tools and beings who support me through my struggles and in my wellness. 


I now use the methods I discovered, and continue to discover, to assist others. I practice multidimensional healing with a deep passion for my work and tender compassion for my clients. I help individuals and groups experience a vibrational shift towards a healthier and more harmonious state of being by applying innovative methods that promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness as well as spiritual integration. 

My love of healing work extends to the earth and to honeybees. I have a background in organic farming and have tended to honey bees for over 14 years. I am actively engaged in teaching people how to be intuitive beekeepers as well as giving talks on how our healing journey relates to the healing of the honey bees


I am the founder of Galactic Remedies. I am also certified in Holowave, Transformational Breath®, and EFT. I hold a BS in Environmental Studies from SUNY ESF and an MPS in Adult Education and Extension from Cornell University. 

"A Journey Towards Gratitude" 

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Sacramento SoulTalk in November 2017

"The Multidimensionality of Choice" 

presented at 

Sacramento SoulTalk in March 2017

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