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The Multidimensionality of Change

January 2023

Have you ever intended to change a behavior and then completely forgotten that you desired to do so? Did you ever have a New Year’s resolution that you carried from one year to the next without resolving? Did you ever intend to eat well and then eat the entire chocolate cake? Examining with compassion, all the influences that might be impacting our ability to change, can also act as a healing balm to reduce or even eliminate shame, heartache, and despair when changes prove difficult to make.

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The Energetics of the Empath/Narcissist Dynamic and Pathways of Recovery

February 2023

This article examines the energetics within the interactions between an empath and a person with NPD as well as possible pathways for an empath to restore their personal power after being in a relationship with someone with NPD.

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A challenge to the notion that “there are no good men.”

March 2023

A male client, around 20 years old, came to me and others for support. His struggle was being male. He felt awful about himself because he grew up around women who believed that “there are no good men.” He internalized this belief, and in turn, he felt miserable about himself and was enduring self-hatred. He had never hurt a woman in his life. Yet, regardless of his innocence, he felt shame and guilt simply for being male. Though he had never harmed a woman, he had been wounded by the women in his life, and it was a deep wound that infiltrated the core of his being. 

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Light Language

April 2023

I offer transmissions of light language and often get asked what it is, how it works, and what it does for us. To answer these questions, below is an introduction to light language, as well as my personal orientation and experience with it.


Impacts of Notions of Reality on Human Evolutionary Processes

May 2023

Can we have a false sense of breaking free? How do we know we have moved up in consciousness and not just over to a similar consciousness that is merely well-disguised as freedom?

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Soul-based Integrity

June 2023

Integrity is commonly understood as having qualities such as honesty, strong moral principles, and living in accordance with one’s values. To me, it seems imperative to examine what such attributes are based upon. For example, is our honesty built upon our truth or a truth we have been conditioned to believe?

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The Dance of the 'I' and the 'I Am'

July 2023

Recently, friends and clients have been sharing that they feel that they are bumping up against walls they, themselves, inadvertently created. Many have shared with me that what is unfolding for them feels different than the inner work they have done in the past; the heavy-duty trauma work, the deep painful processing of past experiences. What feels present, in quite a loud way, are the limiting beliefs, emotional patterns, and behaviors that fell into place as life unfolded. A few clients have articulated their recent experience as the patterns that bring any degree of ‘death’ are dying off: I feel like I am going through a death process of ways of being that were slowly killing me.

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Tree of Life & Family Tree

August 2023

As humans, we are multidimensional beings with many aspects, including our physical bodies and divine essence. Simultaneously, we are physical and non-physical. All levels of our beingness are connected and in relationship with one another. There is an intersectionality between our humanness and our non-ordinary existence, both integrating and operating as a continuum. Our souls incarnate into a particular physical form with a specific genealogy, which gives birth to an interplay between our family tree (metaphor for genealogy) and the Tree of Life (symbolic of our spiritual nature). 

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Sacred Safety

September 2023

One way to establish safety within the spectrum of consciousness that our souls are willing to experience is to connect with our Spirits. We can know we are safe and experience safety — not through our minds knowing we have an everlasting Spirit, but from our hearts experiencing this indestructible aspect of us. A Sacred Safety emanates from our Spirits, the part of us that lives a fearless existence.

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Myth, Truth, and the Path of Ascension

October 2023

It has been fascinating to witness how people relate to truth, not only as it pertains to the news but also to the path of ascension. It makes me wonder what can help us navigate our everyday lives during such a complex time; a time where it can be extra challenging to discern what is real, factual, and truthful as it relates to fundamental aspects of our lives. We face many conflicts over truth within our political, educational, and medical realms, to name a few. A crucial area to navigate with truth is the evolution of our souls and the planet.

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Embracing Authenticity: A Quest for Personal Truth Within the Mystery of the Ultimate Truth

November  2023

This article is part of a new book coming out in February 2024, “Lessons Learned the Hard Way,” by book editor Betsy Chasse.


My beloved husband, Krishna, had a dream about me in which three questions were posed: What are you afraid of? What are you most attached to? What are you willing to live for? I was intrigued by the questions and decided to ponder them. After a few weeks of reflection and sorting through superficial responses, one answer to the three questions arose from within me: truth.


Knowing: A Dance with Consciousness

December  2023

I have experienced knowing and intuition as a dance between different levels of consciousness. A knowing may come from a greater consciousness / universal wisdom to our essence (our ultimate intrinsic nature) and then be present in our subjective consciousness. Our essence acts as a bridge that connects our physical, mental, and emotional levels of our being with knowing and intuition.

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