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"Just a fantastic and meaty book offering insight and an intense journey we take with the author!!! Really kept my interest all the way to the end. Having had many experiences with the shamanic community abroad and the plant medicine inner worlds, this work reads spot on and timely!!!" ~ Ka'Haiya

"Things are not always as they seem, and this can be hard to accept when we want so badly to see only the good in others. Waking up to subtle energies and learning to discern the many qualities and intentions which they carry can be quite a task. I am amazed and so grateful to this author for her neutral and eloquent descriptions of her experiences with the abuse of power and it's affects on plant medicines. I have been through several very similar experiences and reading this book brought validation and clarity to those experiences without triggering the initial trauma in which I had endured. It also provided me with a healing and compassionate perspective towards those who do abuse power. What a gift!" ~ Diana 

"I dove into this book yesterday and couldn't stop reading - but I'm not done yet and looking forward to reading more this evening. It is a fascinating story. As a person who does not practice the spiritual healing described, I appreciate how the author has been able to provide a wonderful understanding of medicines and ceremonies I knew nothing about before opening this book." ~ Amazon Customer 

"This book is an honest and much-needed look at the shadow side of spiritual healing. It underlines the need for caution when receiving teaching or attending ceremonies using mind-altering substances. Kerry’s story highlights potential abuses and the difference between empowerment and manipulation. As a shamanic healer I am all too aware of the truth of these kind of events." ~ Wendy

"Great writing evokes emotions, creates images, challenges the reader to grow - to learn, and stays with the reader long after the book is finished. Kerry’s book does all these things beautifully. Thank you for sharing your experience so bravely, so vulnerably. This book is an offering in service to others, in service to love and healing. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing your journey with me.” ~ Kristen S.

"‘The Devil’s Yoga’ is a courageous account of Kerry Jehanne’s deeply personal experience — initially devastating but ultimately empowering and life-transforming — as an intern at a retreat centre in Latin America where Ayahuasqueros (‘shamans’) perform ceremonies during which either ayahuasca or yage (plant medicines) are consumed as a brew. She discovers the shadow side of sacred ceremonies: energetic manipulation; shamanic sorcery, and sexual predation. This is an accessible, well explained and unflinchingly honest book." ~ Michelle