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Beekeeping Classes

Classes are adjusted to meet the needs of the audience. Classes range from 2 hours to weekend-long courses. 



Talks on Honey Bees

Short talks on the deeper meanings of the global bee crisis and how honey bees are shaping us as human beings 



"Queen of the Sun" Screening, Q&A 

The documentary "Queen of the Sun" provides an overview of the global honey bee crisis and what we can do about it.  

Kerry tended to honey bees for over 14 years. She has managed up to 40 hives at a time using natural and intuitive beekeeping techniques. She has a deep passion for teaching others about honey bees and has taught many classes which help people get started in their own beekeeping adventures. 


Kerry is featured in the documentary, "Queen of the Sun. What are the Bees Telling Us?" She also wrote a chapter in the companion book to that documentary. 


Kerry presented a talk on honeybees at the 2014 International Biodynamic Conference in Dornach, Switzerland. At the conference, she also co-led a three day workshop titled "Honey bees and Social Therapy." 

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