Wellness: Workshops and Talks

  • Galactic Remedies (Sacramento, Monthly Workshops, 2016 to present)

  • Sac SoulTalks: A Journey towards gratitude (Sacramento, November 2017) 

  • Sac SoulTalks: The Multidimensionality of Choice (Sacramento, March 2017)

  • Jump into the River of Light: Wesak Festival. (May 2016, Sacramento, CA)

  • Only Love (March 2017, Sacramento, CA) 

  • Dancing with the Beloved: A workshop in Conscious Partnership with Krishna Guadalupe (Fair Oaks, CA. February 2016)​

  • Resilient Educator® Workshops from the Institute of HeartMath (Sacramento, CA. February 2016, November 2016) 

  • Multidimensional Transformation (Sacramento, CA. March 2016 to present)

  • Multidimensional Transformation at Blossoming Path (Fair Oaks, CA. October 2016)

  • Multidimensional Transformation at Everlasting Gifts (Roseville, CA. October 2016)

  • Transformational Breath Workshop (Weston, CT. September 2014)

  • Transformational Breath Workshop (Weston, CT. June 2014)

  • Overcoming Emotional Eating with Emotional Freedom Techniques (Web-based tele-seminar, June 2014)

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques for COARC (Hudson, NY, March 2014)

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques for COARC (Philmont, NY March 2014)

Honeybees: Workshops and Talks

  • Honeybees and Human Evolution (Chicago, IL. October 2015)

  • Intro to Beekeeping (Chicago, IL. May 2015)

  • Intro to Beekeeping (Venersburg, WA. April 2015)

  • Falling in Love with Bees (Harris, NY. March 2015)

  • Honey Bees, Rhythm and People Living with Disabilities (Harris,NY. February 2015)

  • Empathy and the Way of the Bee (Harris, NY. September 2014)

  • Beekeeping Workshop (Jamestown, RI. May 2013)

  • Beekeeping Workshop (Chestnut Ridge, NY. April 2013)

  • Beekeeping Worksop (Allentown, PA. July 2012)

  • Getting started with Honeybees (Ghent, NY. April 2012)

  • Queen of the Sun (Educational talks in 9 locations in the NY area. 2011-2012)

Social Therapy: Presentations

  • Social Therapy (Hillsdale, NY. August 2014)

  • Social Therapy: Presentation at International Agricultural Conference (Dornach, Switzerland February 2014)

  • Social Therapy: 3-day workshop at International Agricultural Conference (Dornach, Switzerland February 2014)

  • Discover dis’ABILITY’ through Farming (Harris, NY. June 2010)

  • Innovative Choices to Promote Wellness Across the Lifespan (Harris, NY. June 2010)

  • Farming and Whole Foods Diet, Benefits for Individuals with Multiple Disabilities (Harris, NY. May 2010)

  • Greener Partners and Elwyn (Collegeville, PA. January 2010)

  • Farm-based Education Symposium (Tarrytown, NY. November 2009)

  • Life’s WORC Autism Across the Lifespan (NYC, NY. November 2009)



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