When perplexing and mystifying visions of Judas Iscariot started to come to me in my dreams, I didn't know what to do with the information other than to receive and let be. Two years after the initial dreams, I had numerous multidimensional journeys that were shamanic in nature. In one of the journeys, Spirit asked if I would be willing to write a book about Judas, to which I agreed without hesitation. This book is the manifestation of that request. 


In this manuscript, I share my visions as they occurred and offer my reflections as an unsolved mystery. I do my best to detail the information I received and pray I do justice in articulating my experience of Judas in a way that best serves his essence and anyone who reads these pages. At the same time, I acknowledge that a mere book cannot illuminate the multidimensionality and complexity of what all of this possibly means.


Though I have had numerous visions, I feel I have sensed, witnessed, and experienced only a sliver of Judas' true essence, a being that I have come to know as powerfully mystical, angelic, and holy. I feel I have perceived only part of the mystery Judas embodies, a piece that stands well outside of traditional thought and one that I only scratched the surface of understanding. I believe that other people hold additional elements of Judas's mystery and wonder what beauty, power, and knowledge could arise if the pieces come together. I pray for our paths to intersect as Judas might hold a key to heralding a shift in consciousness and the furtherment of our human, planetary, and galactic evolution.

The Mystery of Judas