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Quantum Leaps in Healing, hosted by Kerry Jehanne was an exploration of powerful healing modalities that enable us to change our vibration, and hence our mental, emotion, physical, and spiritual health. Kerry explored modalities such as Multidimensional Transformation, BodyTalk, and Matrix Energetics and took listeners on a fascinating journey into the realms of working directly with consciousness and the zero point field to shift our health towards a more harmonious state of being. This explorations leads us to better understand how to transform our life-long, deeply embedded, unconscious beliefs so we may create the lives we wish to live.

Listen to past episodes on VoiceAmerica

9/2/15 - A Journey into the Quantum Realms of Healing

9/9/15 - Healing Across Lifetimes with Regression Hypnosis with Lili Hudson

9/16/15 - Essential oils for Life Empowerment with Chad Schmidt

9/23/15 - Multidimensional Transformation with Masha Levina

9/30/15 - Returning to the Mother of Us ALL, Living One’s Life as a Ceremonial Offering with Ka’Haiya Sophia

10/7/15 - Liquid Light and Energy Grids with Elizabeth Hauptman and Carl Edwards

10/14/15 - Quantum Techniques with Stephen Daniel

10/21/15 - Body Talk with Sid Snider

10/28/15 - Tipping Sacred Cows with Betsy Chasse

11/4/15 - Mediumship Heals Grieving Survivors Through After-life Contact with Mary Torrey

11/11/15 - Self Love, does it really make a difference? with Cyndi Langley

11/18/15 - Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls with Beverly Ann Wilson

11/25/15 -Transformational Breath with Judith Kravitz

12/2/15 - Experience Multidimensional Transformation with Kerry Jehanne 

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