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"Kerry is a powerful facilitator for positive change. When I first met her, I was somewhat deceived by her quiet demeanor. However, the moment Kerry began her work, I felt and saw her true nature. She is a force, a channel, and a direct conduit of the divine. I could feel my body shifting, muscle spasming, tingling, gripping, and releasing sensations, as she quietly and calmly went about her business of clearing my field, and breaking attachments that no longer served me. She tuned into specific relationships and incidents from my past, and was able to feel them, and release them with neutrality. I’ve worked with a lot of energy practitioners, and what sets Kerry apart is that she doesn’t have the need to talk about what she does; she simply does it. The movement of energy is both so natural and so powerful, I have never felt anything but safe when working with Kerry. She is such a strong container, and no matter the nature of what comes up, I have never felt judged, abandoned, or as though I were overwhelming her abilities. Kerry’s compassion, directness, and appropriate detachment allow both of us to move through experiences without fear and to release them completely. She works with equal grace across the entire spectrum – confusion about finances, relationships, past lives, and entanglements - and aligns them with ease. She has quickly become my go-to practitioner, and is an inspiration for living one’s truth."  ~Sierra Acevedo



"Kerry is a wildly intelligent woman with deep knowledge of her healing specialties and an even deeper connection to nature. But more importantly, Kerry has walked through the valley of the shadow of death, and I feel that her commitment to healing her own soul has unearthed a deep well of wisdom, a gentle commitment to compassion, and a sense of gratitude that manifests as sincere love to her clients. Kerry is a gifted listener.  She created a space for me to sink into. I shared intimate details, and then with simple clarity, she changed my world.  She helped me see what was right in front of me but, at the same time, too far out of my reach. Her revelation to me could only come from a place of connection. She was a catalyst to tremendous personal growth, and I am incredibly grateful to her. I believe Kerry to be a gifted healer.  I highly recommend Kerry for her authenticity and gentle wisdom. I am so deeply grateful for her intuitiveness and her ability to reveal the beliefs and truths hiding in my words. I continue to turn to Kerry for healing, and I trust her implicitly on this journey."  ~Victoria Goddard 

"Kerry's presence is healing in and of itself. The Light Language work she does is fascinating and impossible to convey in words. You just have to experience it! The energy around even very intense issues changes so fast during a session that it amazes me. After having done so many different healing modalities which focus on the telling and retelling of "the story," it's so refreshing to get results without having to delve into all the details once again. Kerry and her work are a delightful force for good in the world." 

~Susan Beck

"Kerry is an absorbing presence. You feel listened to and cared for at a profound level. There is nothing I couldn’t talk about with Kerry. She applies a working knowledge of many healing modalities that support her astute intuition."  ~Katherine Conte

"Kerry has an incredible connection, and the way she receives her information is truly a gift. She works from her heart with compassion, while at the same time being direct and allowing you to see things from a different view. While Kerry is working, her energy allows for a higher connection to her client, which results in truly amazing sessions. I have experienced great shifts in working with Kerry and highly recommend her."  ~Cyndi Langley, Spiritual Medium


"I absolutely love work with Kerry. She is such a clear channel for the information and energy to come through. I always feel comfortable sharing my fears and feelings with her, as she offers such a loving presence. I have noticed significant and positive shifts in my life since working with Kerry. Even days after our sessions, I still feel very lovingly held and supported by the universe. I highly recommend working with Kerry for any challenge in your life. Light Language is such a vast modality I truly believe it is beneficial for everyone."  ~Diana 


"Kerry's insight and knowledge help all the questions about your life situations become clearer. Her Light Language helps you maneuver through all your questions. She is invaluable. I also felt very honored by her!"  ~ Michelle C. 

"I was dealing with stress about how to proceed on a specific issue in my business. Kerry was very effective at keeping me moving forward rather than getting off track and distracted, and at digging in to uncover old stories from my past that were in the way of my being productive and efficient. I am an EFT practitioner and a hypnotist. Kerry and I started trading sessions, and I am so VERY glad that we did.  Even though I tap nearly every day with clients, having Kerry help me with my own issues has been invaluable."   ~Lili Hudson, Consulting Hypnotist and EFT Practitioner​

"Kerry is a gifted healer, and I am sincerely grateful to have experienced Transformational Breath and Light Langauge. Kerry's attuned, caring presence creates a deeply compassionate and safe space for the healing work of these beautiful modalities to unfold. Transformational Breath and Light Language provide profound and powerful shifts yet do so in a way that is gentle and honors one's entire being. Equally transformative and healing are the interactions with Kerry - I leave my sessions feeling truly seen, accepted, and loved. Thank you, Kerry, for these gifts of growth, healing, and support on this journey."  ~Kristen S.

“Light Language was unlike anything I’d ever done for myself. I met Kerry through a mutual friend and watched the introduction video before I booked the session. Her video answered my questions about the intention of her sessions, and what I might expect to see/hear. I participated in a group session with 7 others. I found Kerry to be very professional. Before the session, she explained what the group might encounter, but had no set agenda. At all times, I felt safe with her guiding us. I felt free to move, stand, or sit. It’s been three weeks since the session, and I notice a better clarity in the way I see myself and the world. I’m more loving toward myself emotionally and physically. When I make a mistake, there’s less struggle to make adjustments (breathe, step back, etc), take responsibility, and forgive myself. I feel more at ease during interactions with others. I’m more capable of being honest with myself in the moment. For me, nothing but healing and goodness has resulted.”  ~Felecia S. 

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