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Kerry's work in the healing arts has often been influenced by the challenges she has overcome and the life experiences she has navigated through. In "The Devil's Yoga," Kerry wrote about overcoming shamanic sorcery. Yes, this experience was gnarly and intense, yet, in turn, Kerry does not flinch when a client presents an intensely difficult experience and helps them navigate to a resolution. 

In "The Mystery of Judas," Kerry details her out-of-the-ordinary experience with Judas. Many truths have been revealed about Mary Magdalene that contradict church teachings. This is not so about Judas, at least not yet. Kerry stretched herself beyond her comfort zone and found the courage to publish her manuscript. In turn, Kerry loves holding space for others with bold truths or out-of-the-ordinary experiences to share. 

In "Pathways of Intentionality," Kerry shared, with vulnerability, her life story. It was a liberating and transformative experience for Kerry to be part of this book. She does not hold the shame of her past as she once did. Kerry very much enjoys honoring the life experience of others, regardless of the lessons their souls came here to learn on this Earthly plane. 

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The Devil’s Yoga is a raw and powerful manuscript about a woman’s travel through a struggle of entrapment and into a journey of liberation. While the content in this manuscript may not be universal, it reflects the voices of many who have experienced the complexities of: both the light and shadow sides of plant medicines; sorcerers disguised as shamans, and; healing centers which give priority to profits over human beings.   

It is imperative to know the light and dark sides of plant medicine ceremonies because false-shamans who engage in energetic manipulation, shamanic sorcery, and sexual predation do exist. These terms might sound extreme to many who have experienced miraculous healings using plant medicines such as ayahuasca. Yet, more and more information has been uncovered about the shadow side of sacred ceremonies. This book reveals some of the complexity of these dark undercurrents through the telling of one woman’s personal experience and spiritual restoration. 


In The Devil’s Yoga, the author navigates with the power of vulnerability. Writing this manuscript has been very healing for her, and it is her intent that it serves as a beacon of light for others who have encountered similar experiences and continue in their process of recovery. As well, she wishes those new to working with shamans and plant medicine might explore with greater awareness. Trust and betrayal, awareness and denial, resistance and persistence, entrapment and freedom, enchantments and breakthroughs, mental programming and decoding, and fear and love are among the areas addressed in The Devil’s Yoga. 


The narrative articulated in this book serves as a conduit of transformative energy. It encourages a discussion intended to promote information beneficial for the healing of planetary wounds. We all have a story to share. Through the relating of our challenges and triumphs, together we live, learn, laugh, and love. It is the author’s prayer that ultimately, we all rely on the medicine of Love.

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Pathways of Intentionality: Breaking Open into the Vastness of Devotion provides the reader with an opportunity to explore diverse narratives filled with experiences of fear and bravery, sorrow and joy, despair and hope, illness and wellness, reflection and action, death and birth, trauma and wellness, and ultimately stories that reflect living with intentionality; a conscious purpose to embrace moments of gratitude and forgiveness as well as tools, approaches, and rituals that have permitted the unfolding of conscious interactions and relationships with self and others. Pathways of Intentionality is not a book to promote sameness in our human encounters or stories. It is not a book to show people how to become "spiritual," as the writers presume that all humans are already spiritual beings. 


The narratives shared in this book do not have the intention to tell others how to live or promote the notion of a "perfect" life, but rather to inspire the reader with life stories that have been powerfully experienced and are now vulnerably shared.The overall objective of this manuscript is to provide readers with an opportunity to journey with the writers while participating in moments of self-reflection regarding their own lives. We, the authors, are led by the premise that as humans we have much in common. Sharing of our stories with one another can become a pathway toward on-going wellness and living through the power of intentionality. While our stories are a moving target, we rely on the power of intentionality to guide our constant development of awareness that can foster on-going active engagements. 


As writers, we understand that stories are constantly in a process of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction. Yet, at any given time, stories demonstrate the magic of our journeys. We hope that our stories become an encouragement for you, as the reader, to continue journeying into your own heart. We express gratitude for your willingness to journey together with us as we all continue to live, learn, laugh, and love!

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When perplexing and mystifying visions of Judas Iscariot started to come to me in my dreams, I didn't know what to do with the information other than to receive and let be. Two years after the initial dreams, I had numerous multidimensional journeys that were shamanic in nature. In one of the journeys, Spirit asked if I would be willing to write a book about Judas, to which I agreed without hesitation. This book is the manifestation of that request. In this manuscript, I share my visions as they occurred and offer my reflections as an unsolved mystery. I do my best to detail the information I received and pray I do justice in articulating my experience of Judas in a way that best serves his essence and anyone who reads these pages. At the same time, I acknowledge that a mere book cannot illuminate the multidimensionality and complexity of what all of this possibly means.


Though I have had numerous visions, I feel I have sensed, witnessed, and experienced only a sliver of Judas's true essence, a being that I have come to know as powerfully mystical, angelic, and holy. I feel I have perceived only part of the mystery Judas embodies, a piece that stands well outside of traditional thought and one that I only scratched the surface of understanding. I believe that other people hold additional elements of Judas's mystery and wonder what beauty, power, and knowledge could arise if the pieces come together. In this manuscript, I delve into Gnostic myth, collective consciousness, notions of truth and the fabrication of collective truths, concepts of true and false gods, possible matrixes, historical Judas versus the mythology of Judas, the power of story, unity and duality, sacrifice and martyrdom, and human evolution. 

Kerry is featured in the documentary, "Queen of the Sun. What are the Bees Telling Us?"  She also wrote a chapter in the companion book to that documentary. 

QUEEN OF THE SUN: What Are the Bees Telling Us? is a profound, alternative look at the global bee crisis from award-winning filmmaker Taggart Siegel, director of Real Dirt on Farmer John. Taking us on a journey through the catastrophic disappearance of bees and the mysterious world of the beehive, this engaging and ultimately uplifting film weaves an unusual and dramatic story of the heartfelt struggles of beekeepers, scientists and philosophers from around the world including Michael Pollan, Gunther Hauk and Vandana Shiva. Together they reveal both the problems and the solutions in renewing a culture in balance with nature.

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