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Below is an introduction to light language, as well as my personal orientation and experience with it.

I hope this is a useful summary for you. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that may arise. 

What is light language? 

Light language is a multidimensional language that is understood by our hearts and by our souls. Embedded in light language are codes. These codes carry the frequencies that interact directly with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of our being. 

Light language is a channeled language that is both active and dynamic. The language is active because the codes are actually doing something. The codes embedded in the transmission assist us with clearing out the old (patterns, traumas, etc.) we are no longer in resonance with, as well as support us in aligning with our next level of wellbeing. The encoded frequencies are dynamic and will modify, adjust, and adapt according to the needs of the person or group of people I am channeling for. 


Light language does not originate from the regions of our brains that are used for languages such as English or Spanish. For the most part, I do not experience light language as a language that can be translated, as one would translate German to French. This is because I mostly use light language as a healing modality, more than using it to receive messages. When working with light language as a healing modality, it is about allowing the codes to be transmitted as active agents of change. When using light language to receive messages, it is then translatable. I have worked with several clients who receive translations when I am channeling for them, which is quite fun! 

How is light language transmitted? 

Light language is transmitted in various ways, including drawing, speaking, singing, hand movements, and dancing. For me, light language is transmitted through my voice (either spoken, sung, or chanted) as well as through hand gestures. Sometimes I am led to work with a drum or a rattle as the light language is being transmitted as a song.  

What does it address? 

This system of healing focuses on both clearing out the old as well as assisting us in aligning to our next level of wellbeing. More specifically, it supports us in resolving long-term issues and trauma, shifting limiting beliefs, releasing ancestral patterns, clearing the luminous body, releasing entanglements, and more. Clients have reported feeling more joy, more in alignment with the work they are doing on the planet, healthier thought patterns, relationships that are more harmonious, etc. Clients often report a new level of lightness and being more in flow with life! 

The transmission comes in a very distinct order of priority. This is because healing happens within the context of priorities. For example, if a client comes in wanting pain relief, we set that as the intent for the session. Yet, the light language might not address the physical body at first because other items need to be addressed in order for the pain to be relieved. An early childhood trauma might need to be addressed as the first priority. When this is complete, perhaps the chakra system needs attention, then the ancestral line. After these are addressed, then the light language might address something lodged in the luminous field and a limiting belief in the subconscious mind. After everything on the list of priorities is completed (dictated by the quantum field and someone’s Higher Self) then the light language can address the physical symptoms they are experiencing. My role is to simply let the light language flow and track it and the client’s energy as it is being transmitted.

The role of our Higher Selves during a transmission.

It might seem like people receiving a transmission of light language are passive recipients. However, the Higher Selves of people receiving a transmission are well engaged and active while the language is being channeled. Our Higher Selves work with the codes and use them as appropriate for ourselves. Therefore, I work in tandem with clients. I channel and offer a transmission, while the Higher Self of the client(s) I am channeling for will work with the frequencies as they are appropriate for them. 

What does light language sound like? 

Light Language can sound angelic, native, galactic, and fairy-like; it can also sound foreign and yet familiar at the same time. Light language can sound very different for a few reasons. First, it will sound different between practitioners who are channeling transmissions. The language transmitted through one practitioner sounds different than the language transmitted by another. There are exceptions, however, where different practitioners will channel a similar language. Second, even within the practice of an individual practitioner, the light language will sound different according to what is unfolding in a given session. For me, the light language will adjust if we are clearing something from the emotional body versus another level of our being, such as the mental or physical levels. The language will also shift if it is initiating an activation or helping us align to our next level of wellness. Lastly, the light language will adjust depending upon which multidimensional realm of support is present to assist, such as the elemental beings or the angelic forces. The light language I work with comes through me as spoken, sung, or chanted sounds. For examples, you can listen here

During and after sessions.

During a session, one’s Higher Self is active in using the codes embedded in the light language. Clients do not need to do anything for this to occur. I encourage people to simply relax in a comfortable position, either sitting up or lying down. During a transmission, people have various experiences. Some common experiences are sleepiness and a tingling sensation as the energy is moving. Others feel emotional. Some people track the energy as it moves, though this is not necessary. It is not important to feel or sense anything during a session. Many people simply feel relaxed and stress-free. To me, it is more important what healthy changes people experience after the session in the days and weeks ahead. Shifts in one’s energy may continue for a few days after the session. Some people feel lighter and lighter in their being as the results of the session contining to unfold. Some feel emotional as well as sleepiness as one continues to release. 

Is light language safe? Can it be used with other therapies? 

Light language is always safe and cannot be used for harm or to create disturbances in someone’s energy field. In my experience, it is safe to use with other therapies such as acupuncture, massage, Reiki, and hypnotherapy. Before I channel, I always ask permission from someone’s Higher Self and ask if it is safe and appropriate for me to work with them. These questions will ensure that what I offer is also in congruence with other modalities people may be using. If, for some reason, light language is not appropriate, I will not even be able to channel it for the person. 


Can light language work remotely, from a distance? 

When working with energy or channeling light language, I don’t need to be in the same location as the person I am working with since we are all connected through the quantum field. Since we are connected, time and distance are not an issue. It is rather fun to work with people around the county and sometimes around the world. Most of my work is done remotely via Zoom, FaceTime, or phone, where people can be in the comfort of their homes. 

How I came to channel light language.

From my understanding, anyone can channel light language. It is an innate language that can be activated or prompted into remembrance. I started speaking light language during a Sundance Ceremony based on the Lakota tradition. For a long time, I was rather shy about transmitting light language. Seeing how helpful the language has been for others helped me get past any bashfulness and offer transmissions as a service to others.

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