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Light Language


Below is an introduction to light language, as well as my personal orientation and experience with it.

I hope this is a useful summary for you. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that may arise. 


What is light language? 

Light language is a transformative energy healing modality. 


While its magnitude cannot totally be contained in a definition or concept, in my practice, light language can be experienced as a flow of intentional, transformative vibrational frequencies transmitted through sounds and movements, aimed at creating a sacred space where awareness emerges and restoration of conditions, effects of unresolved painful experiences, can occur.    


Light language is a non-linear, multidimensional language that is understood by our hearts and by our souls. Light language does not originate from the regions of our brains that are used for memorized languages such as English or Spanish. Instead, it is a channeled language that is medicinal in nature. Light language reflects humans' capacity to be in alignment with universal, unconfined, vibrational forces. 


Embedded in light language are codes. These codes carry dynamic healing frequencies of light and sound. Light and sound are carriers of consciousness and vibrational information. 


Light language is an active language because the codes are actually doing something. The codes embedded in light language interact directly with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of our being, as orchestrated by our Higher Self. The codes embedded in transmissions assist us with clearing out patterns, traumas, etc., we are no longer in resonance with, as well as support us in aligning with our next level of well-being. Light language interacts with our emotional, mental, and physical levels, yet it is also beyond our senses. 


Our Higher Self, the non-linear aspect of us, acts as a bridge between the non-linear language being channeled and the physical, mental, and emotional levels of our being. Our Higher Self works with the codes and uses them for our highest good, healing, and evolution. Light language honors free will, and the codes will only be used if invited in by one's Higher Self. One's Higher Self will facilitate a smooth healing with the codes, only allowing to shift what is ready to be transformed, and will facilitate shifts in the most optimal way for the individual. 


While I am channeling light language, it might seem like people receiving the transmission are passive recipients. Yet, their Higher Self is engaged and active while the language is channeled. As an energy practitioner of light language, I don't "work on" people, moving people’s energy. Instead, I work in tandem with clients, where the Higher Self of the client(s) I am channeling for works with the frequencies in a manner most appropriate for them. 


Light language catalyzes profound change and advancement in our wellness and evolution.

How is light language transmitted? 

Light language is transmitted in various ways, including drawing, speaking, singing, hand movements, and dancing. The multiple forms of light language are equivalent in usefulness and differ in their effects due to the form each one takes. 


For me, light language is transmitted through my voice (spoken, sung, or chanted) as well as through hand gestures. Sometimes I am led to work with a drum as the light language is transmitted. 


The written light language can look like scribbles, and the spoken light language can sound like gibberish. Yet, transmissions can feel familiar and recognizable. Light language is vast and abstract, yet a tangible experience of transformation. It is comforting and complex beyond the understanding of our minds. Light language is best understood through experiencing the vastness of the channeled language through our hearts. 

How does light language support us? 


This system of healing focuses on both clearing out old patterns as well as assisting us in aligning to our next level of well-being. Past traumas and patterns of thought and behavior are held as vibrational information. Light language helps us release past vibrational information, which in turn, allows us to progress. 


More specifically, light language supports us in the following:

  • Resolving long-term issues and trauma

  • Shifting limiting beliefs 

  • Releasing ancestral patterns, energetic blockages, and entanglements

  • Clearing the luminous body 

  • Opening and expanding our hearts

  • Amplifying our intuition and connection to our Higher Self

  • Increasing creativity 

  • Aligning to our best, most empowered version of ourselves available at the moment 

  • Connecting us to our inherent wisdom and knowing, and more! 


The codes embedded in the light language can act as powerful catalysts for profound change and advancement in our wellness and evolution. Some codes are activation codes that help us remember what we already know on the soul level. Sessions of light language can play a part in one's soul expansion and amplify one's creativity, gifts, and inherent capabilities. Transmissions of light language can assist one in reconnecting to their divinity while in form, where their minds, hearts, and physical bodies are aligned with their soul. In such cases, light language has acted as an initiation into their next level of evolution. 


Light language can assist us as we advance on our journey home to ourselves. 


Clients have reported: 

  • Feeling more joy

  • Feeling more in alignment with the work they are doing on the planet

  • Healthier thought patterns, clearer minds, and a supportive internal voice

  • More harmonious relationships

  • A new level of lightness and being more in the flow 

  • Having an expanded view, a more compassionate perspective of their lives

  • Feeling more connected to their divine nature while in human form


Ultimately, they feel more in the resonance of love. 


Transmissions of light language come in a very distinct order of priority, dictated by one's Higher Self. For example, if a client wants pain relief, we set that as the intent for the session. Yet, the light language might not address the physical body at first because other areas need to be addressed in order for the pain to be relieved. For example, an early childhood trauma might need to be addressed as the first priority. When that is complete, perhaps the chakra system needs attention, then a pattern in the ancestral line. After these are addressed, the light language might address the luminous field and a limiting belief in the subconscious mind. Finally, after everything that needs to be addressed is completed, the light language can focus on the physical symptoms the person is experiencing. 


The transmission of light language will provide precisely what a person needs. My role is to let the light language flow, and track it and the client's energy as it is transmitted. 


Light language assists us in moving forward on our journeys because it is alchemical in nature.

The quantum nature of light language is a catalyst of change.

What does light language sound like?

Light language can sound angelic, native/indigenous, galactic, fairy-like, and more. It can sound foreign and yet familiar at the same time. 


Amongst practitioners who channel a similar language, say an Elvan light language, the language will sound a bit different from one person to the next due to the soul signature of the channel. For example, I am sometimes led to transmit an Elvan light language, which sounds different from other channels that transmit a similar frequency. 


Throughout the course of a session of light language, the language will shift in how it sounds according to what is unfolding in a given session. For example, the light language will adjust if we are clearing something from the emotional body versus another level of our being, such as the mental or physical levels. The language will also shift in how it sounds if it is initiating an activation and helping us align to our next level of wellness. 


Though there are many similarities from one light language session to another, each session is unique. The most appropriate language for the person receiving the transmission will come through, and will continue to adjust as the session unfolds.  


The light language I work with comes through me as spoken, sung, or chanted. Since my ability to channel light language was activated during a Native American ceremony, the language that comes through me often sounds indigenous. For examples, you can listen here.

Is light language translatable?

Can it be used as a tool for intuitive readings?


For me, light language can be utilized as an energy healing modality, as well as to receive messages. When working with light language as an energy healing modality, it is about allowing the codes to be transmitted as active agents of change. When using light language to receive messages, it is then translatable in its own way. 


Light language is not linear in nature, like we are accustomed to while communicating with each other with a memorized language. Therefore, I do not experience light language as a language that can be translated, as one would translate German to French. Light language does not have an alphabet like memorized languages do. When using light language to receive messages, it is often not a word-for-word translation. Instead, the frequencies are imbued with layered information and meaning and are experienced as a knowing. 


During a light language session, I alternate between using light language as an energy healing modality and a tool for intuitive readings. The information received as messages are then applied to what is unfolding in the healing sessions. For example, if someone is releasing a pattern, the causal point/origin of the pattern might be revealed which amplifies the release. In addition, information about subconscious beliefs associated with the pattern may also be revealed, which enhances the liberation from the limiting belief. 


Sessions of light language are often very interactive as information is revealed, processed, and released. Sessions are journeys of self-discovery, where the translatable light language is interpreted. It is an interactive dance between the people I am channeling for and myself, as integration occurs. This process allows people to access pertinent understanding while being present to a vast, complex, multifaceted, non-linear language. 


Our hearts, souls, and infinite mind understands light language, as light language is a language of our hearts and souls, verses a language of our limited minds. When used as an energy healing modality, it is better understood as a transmission of loving consciousness that is welcomed and received by our bodies, minds, and hearts for our evolution. The less it makes sense, the better, as our mental capacities step aside and we can surrender more to experiencing the light language. The less we understand, the more we can get out of the way. 

During and after sessions.

During a session, one's Higher Self actively uses the codes embedded in the light language. Clients do not need to do anything for this to occur. I encourage people to simply relax in a comfortable position, either sitting up or lying down.


During a transmission, people have various experiences. Some common experiences are sleepiness and a tingling sensation as their energy moves and shifts. Others feel an emotional release as the light language accesses and moves deeply stored emotions in a way that feels safe and manageable. Some people have visions or see colors, though this is unnecessary for a session to be highly effective. Several people have mentioned that, during a session, they felt saturated and swaddled in love, and the love was imbued with information relevant to their healing. Many people feel relaxed and stress-free during the transmission. 


It is not essential to feel or sense anything during a session; the light language and one's Higher Self are doing their work regardless. To me, it is more important what healthy changes people experience after the session in the days and weeks ahead, such as feeling liberated. 


While healing always occurs from a light language transmission, sometimes it takes time to manifest and arrives in an unexpected way. Though it is not a silver bullet that heals everything in one session, it can move an enormous amount of vibrational information, such as past traumas. Shifts in one's energy may continue for a few days after the session. Some people feel lighter and lighter in their being as the results of the session continue to unfold. Some feel emotional as well as sleepiness as they continue to release. It is helpful to take time to integrate the light language session, such as paying attention to shifts, as awareness helps anchor them in and amplify them. 

Is light language safe?

Can it be used with other therapies or modalities?


Light language is always safe and cannot be used for harm or to create disturbances in someone's energy field. In my experience, it is safe to use along with other therapies such as acupuncture, massage, Reiki, and hypnotherapy. Before I channel, I always ask permission from someone's Higher Self and ask if it is safe and appropriate for me to work with them. These questions will ensure that what I offer is congruent with other modalities people may use. If, for some reason, light language is not appropriate, I will not even be able to channel it for the person. This rarely happens.   

Can light language work remotely, from a distance?


Light language is non-linear and, therefore, not constrained by space or time. Therefore, when channeling light language, I can be in a different location than the person I am working with. It is rather fun to work with people around the world. Most of my work is done remotely via Zoom, FaceTime, or phone, where people can be in the comfort of their homes.

Channeling light language

From my understanding, anyone can channel light language as it is a language that can be activated or prompted into remembrance. It can start unexpectedly and spontaneously, or one can cultivate the ability to channel it via their hands, voice, or body through one's Higher Self. 


Some light language is connected to our soul signature and is easier to access at first because it is in resonance with our being. Other languages can be learned to be channeled, such as elemental (fairy or elven), angelic, or galactic/star languages. 


I started channeling light language during a Sundance Ceremony based in the Lakota tradition. For a long time, I was rather shy about transmitting light language. However, witnessing how transformative the language has been for people helped me overcome any bashfulness and offer transmissions as a service to others.


For me, channeling light language is about partnering with the vibrations that come through; being in a relationship with the consciousness of the language being transmitted. I allow my voice to be used to bring through the language, whether spoken, chanted, or sung. I act as a portal and allow the transmission to come through me. I don't feel like I am singing but being sung by Spirit. 


Light language is not passive; it comes through with a feeling of I have stuff to do, and here I come. I step out of the way and allow the codes to do their thing in conjunction with the Higher Self of the person(s) I am channeling for. The language is precise, clear, and potent, and there is no need for my interference as a practitioner. I am not the one driving the light language, simply the vehicle through which it is coming through. While channeling, I rest in my feeling body and only use my mind to track what the light language is addressing. 


Channeling light language is an extraordinary and rather fun experience, which fills me with gratitude. I am deeply grateful for Spirit working with me in this way, and even more grateful for the way Spirit assists people through the transmissions of light language. 


Light language is not necessarily easy to explain, even after one has experienced a transmission. It is foreign and familiar all at the same time. It is mystical and mysterious. It is complex, abstract, and multifaceted. It is a potent, felt experience. It is a powerful catalyst for our individual and collective evolution. 

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