Light Language Transmissions
Breath Work 

Light Language:

The video to the right, as well as this page (Light Language), are brief introductions to light language as well as my personal orientation and experience with it as I offer transmissions to individuals, couples, and groups of people.

Breath Work: 

Sessions include the use of a connected, relaxed breath to access and release stored emotions and trauma, as well as facilitate improvement in physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. 

Both of these systems of healing (Light Language

and Breath Work) focus on: 

  • Resolving long-term issues and trauma 

  • Shifting limiting beliefs 

  • Releasing ancestral patterns

  • Clearing the luminous body

  • Releasing entanglements

  • Obtaining optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness

To book a session,
please email me or call/text
(916) 704-0412

This video is a brief orientation to a session of

Light Language

Light Language Transmissions 


Individual Sessions

$125 / hour 

Package: 3 sessions for $300


$200 / 1.5 hours 

Group Sessions (families, groups, organizations) 

$300 / 2 hours ​​


$45 / hour (or three 20 minute sessions) 

Breath Work 

Individual Sessions

$150 / 1.5 hours


$200 / 1.5 hours