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Feel awe and wonder from experiencing a new existence
free of what has held you stuck, and

full of expanded possibilities for your human potential. 

Live your best self!

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Kerry offers transmissions of light language, an energy healing modality that is genuinely effective in helping us to make significant changes in our lives! She holds a deep passion for her work, including making Light Language available to anyone who wishes to experience it. 

Welcoming all, Kerry enjoys connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and various walks of life. She creates a safe container where people feel comfortable and accepted and are able to create meaningful transformations in their lives.

MysticMag Interview: 

Unveiling the Power of Light Language with Kerry Jehanne-Guadalupe

"In a world where ancient healing modalities blend seamlessly with modern wellness practices, Kerry Jehanne-Guadalupe emerges as a beacon of light, quite literally. As a Light Language Transmissions Holistic Practitioner and Author, Kerry has dedicated her life to unraveling the mysteries of this unique energy healing modality and sharing its transformative powers with the world. With a profound passion for her craft and an unwavering commitment to accessibility, Kerry offers a gateway to a realm where profound change and spiritual evolution are not just possible but inevitable. Join Mystic Mag as we delve into the depths of Light Language and explore Kerry’s journey, insights, and mission to illuminate the path for all who seek healing and growth." Katarina Todorovic

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The Enlightenment Evolution Hour - Interview



Kerry is an absorbing presence. You feel listened to and cared for at a profound level. There is nothing I couldn’t talk about with Kerry. She applies a working knowledge of many healing modalities that support her astute intuition. 

~ Katherine Conte

"Kerry's presence is healing in and of itself. The Light Language work she does is fascinating and impossible to convey in words. You just have to experience it! The energy around even very intense issues changes so fast during a session that it amazes me. After having done so many different healing modalities which focus on the telling and retelling of "the story," it's so refreshing to get results without having to delve into all the details once again. Kerry and her work are a delightful force for good in the world." 

~Susan Beck

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