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Light Language Livestreams

July Livestream 


Standard Price 

July Livestream 


Discounted Option #1

July Livestream 


Discounted Option #2

July Livestream 


Discounted Option #3

A Pay-What-You-Can Light Language Livestream


The date for the July livestream will be announced shortly. 

Throughout the year, Kerry offers a livestream channeling of light language in support of individuals on their healing paths. These transmissions of light language are set up with a Pay-What-You-Can model as an affordable way to work with light language on a regular basis. 

These audio-visual experiences include a 40-45 minute transmission of light language. After the livestream, you will receive an audio recording of the transmission of light language that you can work with on a regular basis. Each time you listen, your higher self will work with the light language and will meet you where you are as you progress on your healing path. Your higher self, working with the codes embedded in the light language as it is most appropriate for you, will facilitate a graceful healing experience, shifting only what is ready to shift and in a safe manner. It is okay if you don’t feel drastic shifts after listening to the recording once or even a few times. Sometimes, changes can take time to manifest in one’s life, occur in stages, or happen in subtle ways that influence more significant changes.

Please read Kerry's description of light language before signing up for the transmissions. The description will help you to orient to light language and to receive the most out of the livestreams. 

After signing up you will receive a confirmation email, followed by an email with the webinar link. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kerry. 

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