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Pathways of Intentionality: Breaking Open into the Vastness of Devotion provides the reader with an opportunity to explore diverse narratives filled with experiences of fear and bravery, sorrow and joy, despair and hope, illness and wellness, reflection and action, death and birth, trauma and wellness, and ultimately stories that reflect living with intentionality; a conscious purpose to embrace moments of gratitude and forgiveness as well as tools, approaches, and rituals that have permitted the unfolding of conscious interactions and relationships with self and others. Pathways of Intentionality is not a book to promote sameness in our human encounters or stories. It is not a book to show people how to become "spiritual," as the writers presume that all humans are already spiritual beings. 


The narratives shared in this book do not have the intention to tell others how to live or promote the notion of a "perfect" life, but rather to inspire the reader with life stories that have been powerfully experienced and are now vulnerably shared.The overall objective of this manuscript is to provide readers with an opportunity to journey with the writers while participating in moments of self-reflection regarding their own lives. We, the authors, are led by the premise that as humans we have much in common. Sharing of our stories with one another can become a pathway toward on-going wellness and living through the power of intentionality. While our stories are a moving target, we rely on the power of intentionality to guide our constant development of awareness that can foster on-going active engagements. 


As writers, we understand that stories are constantly in a process of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction. Yet, at any given time, stories demonstrate the magic of our journeys. We hope that our stories become an encouragement for you, as the reader, to continue journeying into your own heart. We express gratitude for your willingness to journey together with us as we all continue to live, learn, laugh, and love!

Pathways of Intentionality