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We've all experienced the highs and lows life throws our way. But isn't that the point? To experience life in all its ups and downs and hopefully walk away with a nugget of wisdom. Join 23 brave souls as they share their Lessons Learned the Hard Way. Funny, insightful, raw and authentic stories of the trials we all face, and the paths taken to happier, healthier and much less dramatic lives.


Written by: 

Vanda Mikoloski, Robert Plagmann, Dr. Theresa L. Smith, D.C., Claudia Micco, Kerry Jehanne-Guadalupe, Kelly Sophia Grace, J.D., Allisun Sturges, Marie Benard, Rebecka Gregory, Kian Xie, Tobias Forrest, Jennifer McLean, Vienne Cordet, Roberto Paez, Rissy Lynn Smith, Mary Adams, Alison Hill, Jara Lindgren, Wayne D. Carter, Keri Fulmore, Dr Johanneke Kodde, Kristen Marie, Gregory Kirschenbaum


Created by Betsy Chasse - Award Winning Filmmaker "What The Bleep Do We Know?!" and Best-Selling Author "Killing Buddha"

Lessons Leared the Hard Way

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